The Orange County Post Sentinel is an online newspaper which combines the coverage of two newspapers, The Sentinel and the Orange County Post. It includes most of the news and features that appear in those newspapers and is updated with the latest news Monday through Friday to give the subscribers of The Sentinel and the Orange County Post the advantage of timely daily coverage. If a major news event occurs, the online site will carry it as soon as possible, including weekends.

There is no additional charge to the subscribers of either newspaper for the online edition. It is intended to provide them with up to date news coverage and is only available to the subscribers of the Orange County Post and The Sentinel.

Founded in 1979 as a weekly newspaper covering the Town of New Windsor, The Sentinel, today, publishes once each week and covers the Town of New Windsor, Town of Newburgh, City of Newburgh and the Town of Cornwall. The Sentinel is a crusading community newspaper which has been involved in many community causes. It’s proudest accomplishment is the establishment of the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, which began as a letter to the editor from one of our readers. Upon receiving the letter our publisher formed a team of four men and worked on the project for eleven years until the facility opened in November, 2006. The Sentinel is the largest non-daily newspaper in Orange County, N.Y. and reaches over 16,000 readers per issue.

The Orange County Post is a 75 year old weekly newspaper, published each Friday, which covers the Town of Blooming Grove, the Town of Chester, the Town of Hamptonburgh, and the Village of Washingtonville. It was owned by the Spear family of Washingtonville for 64 years and was purchased by the E.W. Smith Publishing Co., Inc. in July, 2010. The Orange County Post is a paid circulation newspaper reaching over 6,000 readers weekly.

The Sentinel and Orange County Post are both part of the E.W. Smith Publishing Co., Inc., which was founded in 1979. Since it’s inception it has been a family owned business. The company was begun by Everett Smith and his wife Mary to publish The Sentinel. Today, Everett Smith operates the company along with his sons Michael and Steven, who serve as officers, along with the staff of each newspaper. Along with The Sentinel and Orange County Post the company includes Sentinel Printing Services (SPS Printing), a full service commercial printing operation which offers web, sheet fed offset, and digital printing. In addition, the Senior Gazette, an 8-year-old senior citizen publication serving Orange County, N.Y. recently joined the group and has enjoyed great success as a part of the E.W. Smith Publishing Company.

The Sentinel and the Orange County Post offer the option of combined advertising rates and reach over 22,000 readers.


  1. There will be a Funeral for U.S. Army Veteran Jeffery B. Sweet on Wed. 10/7/2015, arriving Orange County Veterans Cemetery, 111 Craidsville Rd. Goshen at Aprox. 9:45 AM, escorted by Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder, Blue Nights and other support organizations. We feel this is a good exaple of local people supporting local Veterans and worth the news.


  2. The Arc of Orange County’s Middletown and New Windsor Preschools and the Jean Black School will be hosting a Holiday Boutique on Saturday, November 7th from 10-3. The event will be held at The Arc of Orange County’s Day Center at 28 Bull Road, Campbell Hall. The Boutique will feature hand crafts and direct sale vendors. Concessions will be available with lunch specials, refreshments and tasty treats. All proceeds will go to benefit the The Arc’s schools. Free admission!


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