Letters To The Editor

Mayor Joe Bucco, Village of Washingtonville
It is an honor to write this letter to you for your high school
graduation. An event that marks your coming of age and means so
much to you and your families.

It’s hard for you to believe that adults, can understand how you feel
and what it’s like to be your age. When you get to be parents
yourselves, you’ll be surprised how clear your memories will be of
these days at Washingtonville High School. You’ll remember how
you felt about things, about successes, and, yes, disappointments.
You’ll discover as you get older that certain things are so much a part
of your life that you’ll remember them always, and high school, I
assure you, is one.

You know every generation is critical of the generation that preceded
it and feels it must discard many of the morals and customs of those
who had gone before. Our generation felt that way, and so will yours.
But in casting aside the old, don’t throw out those values that have
been tested by time just because they’re old. They’re old because
their value has been proven by many generations over the years.
Now, I know that in recent days you’ve been bidding farewell to your
teachers and friends, and I wonder whether you’ve noticed the many
times people have said phrases like, “The future belongs to you,”
and, “You are the hope of tomorrow.” I must tell you that each of
these phrases speaks deep truths. You are the future. You’ve already
heard them so many times before. And they can seem inadequate to
your parents and me because we want to tell you all that we have

We want to paint for you our own experience so vividly that you’ll be
able to avoid our heartaches while you double and redouble your
joys. And then we find we have nothing at our disposal but words,
weak and feeble instruments that cannot possibly carry the full
freight of our meaning. Still, we must try.

Congratulations, Class of 2017.
Joseph Bucco
Mayor Village of Washingtonville






















One comment

  1. Dear Editors,

    Thank you for your extensive article on the actions of the proposed Pilgrim Oil pipelines in the Albany region. I feel that incursions of out-of-state pipeline companies,such as Pilgrim, into New York State have been under-reported up to now. I am incredulous at the insolence of these companies who feel that they can strong-arm their way into our communities, pervert our legal, legislative and regulatory systems to their own ends, and impose their will on others. Your article exposes the shameful misrepresentations of the Pilgrim corporate spokesmen who blithely explain away the actions of the Pilgrim landsmen to your readers, some of whom have already been approached by pipeline representative and have experienced their intimidating tactics. Only through the continued scrutiny of responsible news media, such as The Sentinel, will the actions of this interloping pipeline companies be brought to public attention.


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