In My Opinion

Be Involved – Whatever Your Special Ability, and Whatever Your Special Challenge May Be
Towns all over our area are holding fundraising events. After waiting through the harsh northern winter and spring rains for some good weather, this is an opportunity not only to watch and applaud these events, but to do good and participate in them.
Not only is it an opportunity to stay or become more healthy from bicycling, running, or the many other activities being held in our communities, which have recently held 5K’s numbering in the thousands each. It is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors, know the funding projects that are important to your community, and contribute your ideas ….even if for some kind of health reason you are not able to participate in extreme physical activities.
We applaud the efforts of New Windsor Councilman Andrew Regenbaum in this regard. With hard work by himself and a friend there is a new soccer team in New Windsor. These challenged children, who excel daily despite some kind of physical or mental problem, are an example to the rest of us. We all need to do the best for ourselves and our community, with whatever special talents we have, as well as whatever special challenges we have.





















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