Pilgrim’s Pipeline, Coming to a Backyard Near You?



By Edie Johnson

Sandra Kissam, a noted environmentalist who in the past has tackled some monumental challenges with aplomb, including nearly singlehanded saving of Stewart Forest Parklands and developing it (SPARK) as one of the area’s most  much valued trails area for equestrians, 4-wheeler enthusiasts and hunters alike.  She also fought vehemently for Orange County’s Comprehensive Plan to be revised in ways that better recognized the county’s valuable environmental assets.

This time Kissam and a group of about 15 other seasoned environmentalists including some from Riverkeeper, the Sierra Club, and a former Times Herald Record editor, are tackling a plan by Pilgrim Pipeline proponents to run two lateral lines from the already planned North-South route along the New York State Thruway, and now want to include two transverse pipeline pathways. Proponents point to the world’s increasing energy needs and the advantage of the United States having energy independence.  But these trasverse pipelines, just as the north-south one,  would carry crude oil and refined fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel and kerosene all the way from Linden, NJ, northward along the NYS Thruway and then east to the River and could pose any number of dangers.  They, (the transverse pipes), as shown in horizontal dot paths on map,  she said, would go through many residential backyards, especially in the area of Snake Hill in New Windsor, would include easements along corridors currently owned by Central Hudson Utilities, and would pass right by Chadwick Lake and Silver Stream, with potential to cause yet more damage to New Windsor and Newburgh water resources, and then around the north side of the City of Newburgh while on their way to rail and/or shipping transportation sites along the waterfront.   Each pipeline would carry the equivalent of approximately 200,000 fuel barrels per day.

See this week’s Orange County Post-Sentinel for the rest of this and other great stories.


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