Packages for Soldiers


                                PACKAGES FOR HEROES

New Windsor mom, Luz Mercado, started the foundation, “Support Our Heroes, when her son Marine GYSGT Luis Mercado Jr. was stationed in Iraq and started to share items from packages his mom sent him to fellow soldiers who told him of some of the simple pleasures they were missing from home.

Luz went into action and soon had three platoons receiving packages of some special things that just made their days a little more tolerable and their stations abroad seem to pass a little faster. 

While some other fundraising groups have chipped in to keep her cause going, when news from abroad is slow so are the donations that she needs to keep the program going.  In gratitude for her son’s safe return after his tour of duty, she has vowed to continue sending packages until every soldier comes home, Items she is looking for (in addition to monetary donations), include:

Plastic juice bottles
Peanuts, trail mix, slim jims, granola bars
Tuna lunch packs
Candy, gum, chips, cookies, pretzels
Energy bars, powdered energy drinks
Shampoo and conditioner, Q-tips, floss
Body wash for men and women
Soap bars
Batteries (any size)
Kotex panty liners
Body lotion (up to 12 o.), Medicated foot powder or spray

To help in any way (packaging, donating, fundraising), Please call Luz Mercado at 845-569-9450 and see


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