New Windsor Recognizes its Heroes


New Windsor Holds 32nd Annual Police Recognition Awards

By Edie Johnson

New Windsor Town Hall was packed to capacity with friends and families of the nearly 40 officers receiving awards in the town’s 32nd Annual Award Ceremony.

The awards included some for recently retired officers with decades of service, acts of heroism, as well as several Civilian Awards, that were given by Chief Michael Hovey (himself earning an award as well).  The procession of citations was assisted by Lieutenant Michael Faricellia and Lieutenant Michael Farbent.

The Civilian awards were given to “ordinary” people who became special heroes by seeing something and then calling police for help to follow up, or by safely helping out by offering important information that resulted at times in saved lives and made captures possible. 

The stories recounted by Chief Hovey were spellbinding.  His recounts of the many acts of heroism that these brave officers engage in daily will leave memories in the minds of those who attended the ceremony for the rest of their lives.

The officers receiving awards were so humble and pleasant that they quickly grabbed their citations and dropped their heads, making photos of each award nearly impossible.  But the camaraderie and broad smiles as they lined up outside for a group picture said everything, along with a crowd of proud moms, dads, grandparents and friends smiling and laughing while taking pictures of their heroes.


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