Moffat Library Construction Continues

The Moffat Library is currently a construction site. Seen here is the east side glass-walled rotunda, which will be the children’s area. New slate roofing tiles can be seen to the right. (photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)

By Eugenia Moskowitz

A lot has been going on at the iconic 1887 Moffat Library building in the heart of Washingtonville after its groundbreaking last April, according to its board of trustees. After years of securing funding to save the severely water- and time-damaged historic building, and after much groundwork was laid in planning and organization, the expansion and renovation is finally visible to people driving through town, thanks to an open view of the construction.

The west side entrance will face the new parking area

Standback Construction of Washingtonville, owned and run by longtime resident Robert Amend and sons Tom and Jim, is handling the renovation and expansion. They were also the main muscle and organizational expertise behind the quick move in fall 2011 of all Moffat’s books and documents to the library’s temporary location in Campbell Hall to avoid ruin by water and mold. Standback did the interior construction of the temporary location, which is owned by local Washingtonville company Advance Testing. The space was offered to the library at a greatly-reduced rent immediately after Hurricane Irene.

The east side glass-walled rotunda will be the children’s area. New slate roofing tiles can be seen to the right.

“The clock tower will be completely restored,” Standback’s Tom Amend said. (Tom’s first child, daughter Hannah Rose, was born Dec. 1). “It will be done in place, via a lift, since it’s too structurally vulnerable to remove and re-secure.”

One of the fireplaces and the extensive time and water damage in the old interior.

Throughout the fall and early winter months of 2016, work on the shell, or “envelope,” of the Moffat building took place, so that interior work could be done during the deep winter. This included pouring concrete for the flooring, securing the original foundations, adding ramps, putting up steel framing and metal roofing and installing some of the windows. It also included exterior brickwork in keeping with the original, and a thorough cleaning of all the original brick. Slate roofing tiles like those originally used in 1887 are currently being installed, replacing the asbestos tiles used during a 1950s renovation.

Framing inside the new main hall.
Standback’s Tom Arnold (right) talks with Moffat Library director Carol McCrossen (left) in the old center hall.
The dark vaulted center hall will now see light from new added spaces surrounding the building’s exterior.









To read the full article see the Friday, Jan. 6 editions of The Sentinel and Orange County Post.







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